South Florida Football Helmets – A History

Despite the fact that the College of South Florida is an enormous, state funded college with very nearly 50,000 understudies, it didn’t have a football crew until 1997. It began its group in 1997 in Division 1-AA (presently called Football Title Development) and climbed to Division 1-A (presently called Football Bowl Region) in 2001. Incredibly in this brief time frame of playing football, the program has been positioned as high as Number 2 in the country, been allowed in a Programmed Qualifier meeting (the Large East), played in different dishes, and beaten Notre Woman.

The football protective cap was initially gold with a green facemask. It had a bull head emerging from a green square. The lower part of the bull head had a dark shadow and you see its eyes; be that as it may, its fundamental center was the UFA emerging, the mouth and nose. Honestly, it seemed to be something you could find in the USFL, Field Association Football or NFL-Europe. It was not your prototypical NCAA football protective cap which frequently, however not generally, make them letter or configuration highlights featured the school name and in addition to the mascot. The logo transformed into the ongoing U logo which is molded like the top of a bull. This logo has been being used starting around 2003. The U isn’t associated at the highest point of the bull’s head. It begins on one horn, runs down the bull’s head on one side, across its nose, up the opposite side of the bull’s head and out the other horn. The first U was light-to-medium green with a dark diagram coming subsequent to permitting a space of the gold foundation around the bull’s head. This was exchanged in 2005 to a dark U, and was thusly changed back to a dull green. USF tried different things with a white foundation and green U and green vertical stripe toward the finish of 2008 in the St. Petersburg Bowl game and later utilized it specifically in 2009 and the majority of 2010. Once in 2010, it returned to the gold head protector.

With the beginning of 2011, the USF Bulls have three protective cap choices. Each of the three protective caps have the natural U logo. The choices incorporate a dull green protective cap with a gold U illustrated in white, a gold cap with a dim green U framed in white, and a white head protector with dim green and gold stripes in addition to a dim green U illustrated in gold. Each of the three of these football head protectors have the recognizable dull green facemask. The dull green head protector will stand out forever as the one utilized by USF when they crushed Notre Woman on September 3, 2011. The U logo has been being used starting around 2003 and other than a slight scaling down of it in 2005, has been indistinguishable from that point forward. The pattern of numerous football caps, and South Florida is the same, is to have more than 1 style of protective cap, and to incidentally to involve various ones for extraordinary events like a bowl game. It will be fascinating to see what the South Florida football head protector will seem to be from here on out.

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